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Join us at Maitland Park for family, fun, friendly fitness. We race 8 times a year, usually on the 3rd Sunday of each month from September to April.


ADDRESS:      Maitland, NSW 2320

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Triathlon is a fun and accessible sport for people of all ages - not just for the super-fit. Join us for a supportive and social environment where the challenge is to beat yesterday, or at least race with a smile.

Family is important to the members of Maitland Triathlon Club. It's typical for parents and children to race on the same day, making triathlon a rare sport that can be shared within a family.

Maitland Triathlon Club is a family of friends. Bring friends or make friends in the social environment where we celebrate exercise and personal endeavour, each running our own race together.

Whether your goals are maximum fitness or just being active, the simple routine of swimming, cycling and running are a balanced and accessible sport where each participants strives for their own fitness goals.

Join MTC

Joining MTC includes membership to Triathlon NSW and Triathlon Australia, entitling you to wear the Green and Gold, should you be so successful! There are a number of benefits to being a member, including very inexpensive entry into club events, discounts on public events, insurance and discounts on items like bikes. Events are run by members so expect to volunteer at least once a season to support your club.

Race Information

MTC run five events each race day. The Senior race (450m swim, 18km ride, 4km run) for adults, the Intermediate race (250m swim, 12km ride, 2km run) for 13+ year olds, the Junior race for 10-12 year olds, and the Junior race for 7-9 year olds. In addition, we run a fun event for the little ones called the Splash and dash (25m swim, 150m run). Click the Race Details button for more information about our club events.

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